Sonic Mania Spins To Top Of Nintendo Switch Downloads


Hey, Sonic the Hedgehog fans: never change.

We'll have our full review on Sonic Mania soon, well we can't quit out of it at the moment... "In seeking to produce the best retro remix possible, Sega recruited well-known modders and hackers", said Kotaku's Heather Alexandra. While we have two more weeks for the game to be launched on the PC, there are many Sonic Mania jokes, circulating on the internet regarding the game.

"The team behind Sonic Mania are absolute geniuses, taking classic levels from Sonic lore and remixing them to a more standard design for today's age, while keeping everything 16-bit". The mileage that you receive by using this cliche will again only depend on the way you want to play the game. Each level has been created to turn exploration and route optimization into fun acts in and of themselves.

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Sonic Mania does the same thing with its own & Knuckles Mode, where Knuckles follows the playable character around a la Tails.

If you're interested in checking out this silly love letter to classic Sonic fans, all you need to go is complete all of the bonus stages in-game.

All this means I'm much more interested in spending hours beating my record in Time Attack, compared to other platformers with similar time-challenge modes. The movement and action buttons on the hybrid console are not affected by delays and lags, so the gameplay experience of Sonic Mania is not compromised by the glitches.