Google Allo for web finally arrives, but only for Android users


Allo's availability on the web has been one of the messaging app's most requested features, so it's good it has finally arrived.

There's no news yet if we'll soon see a native desktop client aside from the web browser option. Second, Allo for web is supported by one browser at the moment: Google's own Chrome.

In a nut shell: You can now use the full Google Allo service from your computer. At today's launch, Allo for web only supports Android devices. iOS users will need to keep on waiting until Google's ready to expand the service. The aforementioned sign-in process involving a QR code takes only a second to be completed and needs to be repeated for each subsequent device you add to your list of Allo browser clients. Amidst the crowd of messaging apps, do users care about Allo's web version?

Google Allo 02

Google has recently rolled out the web version of its successful mobile chat application, Allo. You need to scan the QR code displayed on the web page. All of your conversations will now pop up on the screen, be showing a status that you're signed into it. Well, we're a few weeks from that and would you look at that - "Allo for Web" is now showing (see above) for just about everyone in either v15 or v16 of the Allo Android app.

But the catch is that it will only work if you have an Android phone, for now. As I watched, the "Allo on web" menu just showed up.

It works similar to WhatsApp for the web. But what makes Allo application interesting is the number of stickers found - including those made with selfies -, adjustable texts and short phrases of different sizes, and the capacity to only need a tap to reply in a Gmail-style Smart Reply. The option to scan is now available only for Android users, but is expected to be rolled out on the iOS app soon. You can even access the sticker gallery to download more sticker packs. Google Allo is now live on the web.

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