Gorka denies dismissing Tillerson's role on North Korea


The former four-star general declined to provide any additional insight to a statement released Wednesday, warning that the North's continued provocations - including alleged plans for an attack against USA forces in Guam by Pyongyang - "would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people". But if the USA military is preparing for a major conflict, there is little evidence of it.

U.S. officials tell FOX there are no U.S. Navy aircraft carriers off the coast of Korea right now, nor thousands of Marines aboard ships offshore.

The aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan returned to Japan this week following a three-month deployment, but could return to sea if called upon.

The USS Nimitz Strike Group - often on station in the western Pacific - is deployed to the Persian Gulf, supporting the US -led effort against ISIS.

But it also said that if the US and South Korea took a first strike against North Korea, China should intervene. Annual U.S. -South Korea military exercises begin August 21 but are conducted primarily with forces already in place.

In a statement on Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis said that the Department of State is "making every effort" to resolve the crisis diplomatically, however emphasized the that the U.S. has the "most precise, rehearsed and robust defensive and offensive capabilities on Earth".

GORKA: Absolutely, absolutely. No, I never said that, I said for reporters to force our chief diplomat, the awesome Rex Tillerson to give details of military options is nonsensical.

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He pointed out that the UN Security Council unanimously voted last week to characterize North Korea's statements as a "threat to the world's community".

"The prime minister says he discussed the threat with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence overnight".

Pollack says they are intended "to deter the North from any kind of potential actions".

"The UK stands shoulder to shoulder with the U.S.in tackling this threat and many others".

The issue came to the fore again this week when USA intelligence analysts assessed that North Korea had produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead, according to multiple sources, which would bring the country a significant step closer to being able to fire a nuclear-tipped warhead at the US or its allies.

"On the situation on the Korean peninsula obviously the Secretary General remains extremely concerned by the ongoing situation; he's troubled by the increase in confrontational rhetoric that we've seen", a spokesman for Guterres said. "And I don't think we are".