CPSC warns of fidget spinner dangers


A fidget spinner, of course, is the simple toy you've probably spotted kids playing with at some point. But after some unsafe incidents involving the popular gizmos, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued new fidget spinner safety guidance for consumers and businesses.

"Like any battery-operated product, consumers should be present and pay attention to their devices while charging them", Buerkle said. If their recommendations on the obsolescing toy seem uninspired, well, we've been here before. Fidget spinners provide a salutary lesson for start-ups considering the next "big invention". Quoted by the BBC, CPSC's acting chairwoman Ann Marie Buerkle said: "Keep them from small children". There are many different kinds of fidget spinners available in stores and online. Just make sure not to mistake it for a snack.

Fidget spinner owners should be careful when using the toy as they could potentially be a choking or fire hazard, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has warned. This decision took place after reports of some incidents with battery-operated spinners which caught fire.

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Because fidget spinners are considered a general-use product for all ages (including adults), they don't have to meet the same standards that children's toys are subjected to. The CPSC advises that these batteries are never left charging unsupervised, should be unplugged as soon as the battery is charged, and that charging cable choice is very important (if the spinner shipped with a cable, use it!). It also says children should keep them out of their mouths and avoid charging them overnight while sleeping. I'm not exaggerating: One of the CPSC's safety tips is to check that you have working smoke detectors if you have fidget spinners with batteries in your house.

The CPSC is also encouraging businesses to review the agency's guidance on fidget spinners.