Sonic Mania on PC Delayed Two Weeks


The most iconic, yet elusive, project from that tumultuous period is Sonic Xtreme for the Sega Saturn.

Sega also clarified today that the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of Sonic Mania are still going to launch on August 15, so console players don't have anything to worry about with this delay. The new Sonic Mania PC release date will be August 29th, giving the team a couple more weeks to polish the experience. It's basically a peek into an alternate universe where Sonic never went 3D, so the fun and frantic 2D animation we see in the intro really fits.

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Today during a live unboxing stream of the Sonic Mania collector's edition, it was revealed that unfortunately for PC owners, the game will be delayed until August 29. Users who purchased the collector's edition will still receive their box on August 15, and the code inside will allow them to claim their copy of Sonic the Hedgehog. SEGA did not reveal the reasons for this small delay other than the PC version - in its current state - does not meet its standards. While it would be awesome to have Sonic Mania as soon as possible, making sure Sonic Team delivers the best possible experience to their players is ultimately more important.

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