Oak Park Public Library to host eclipse viewing party


During the eclipse, you'll see the shadow of the moon pass in front of the sun.

Several viewing events are being planned in Fairfax County.

An eclipse boat tour at the above parks.

Viewing at Burke Lake and Accotink Parks.

Sit at the deck at Riverbend Park or bring a lawn chair and sit in the grassy area to enjoy a spectacular view of the Potomac and the eclipse. Organizers promise extra telescopes, hands-on astronomy activities and free solar viewing glasses to the first 1,000 guests.

During the eclipse, natural sunlight will be disrupted as the moon moves directly between the sun and Earth, casting its shadow on the ground below.

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The solar eclipse is August 21.

Ophthalmologists are spreading the word on how to safely view the solar eclipse on August 21.

"I think the biggest thing to know is that you can potentially hurt your eyes if you watch the solar eclipse without protective eyewear", said Dr. Kimberly Stepien, a retina specialist with UW Health.

You can get more information and safe viewing options from NASA and the American Astronomical Society.

Regular sunglasses do not protect your eyes from the damaging rays of an eclipse, and looking through the lens of a camera, binoculars or a telescope puts your vision at risk.

Looking at the eclipse through your cellphone to capture photos or video can also be harmful, Frantz said.