Asia Minute: Same Sex Marriage Decision Approaching in Australia


Ms. Gerber, at Monash, said the leader of the election campaign for same-sex marriage in Ireland came to Australia a few months ago and strongly discouraged holding a vote in Australia.

The opposition, along with many gay rights campaigners, favours a free vote among MPs, with parliamentarians not bound by party policy.

They have also argued about timing, costs and the scope of possible campaigns for and against same-sex marriage, even as a good deal of the negotiating has taken place away from public view.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has ruled out further action on same-sex marriage if the High Court strikes down the government's national postal ballot.

"Strong leaders carry out their promises, weak leaders break them", Turnbull told reporters.

If the postal vote goes ahead and shows support for changing the law, the results will not be legally binding.

Q When will the vote take place? The cost would have been 170 million Australian dollars ($135 million).

A final result is expected to be released by November 15th.

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Others, like Joel Smith from Melbourne who arrived in the United Kingdom in June, aren't going to vote. Equality advocates and supporters are opposed to a nationwide plebiscite, saying civil rights should not be subject to a popular vote.

Sharing a video to Facebook, the comedian re-writes Peter Allen'sI Still Call Australia Home, taking aim at the government and postal plebiscite that is likely to take place, encouraging Australians to vote in the postal poll in an effort to legalise same-sex marriage. The Bill needs to pass both the Upper and Lower Houses to be made a law.

Q Who will conduct the ballot?

Mr Shorten told Parliament that while Labor, along with the majority of those who support change, deemed the $122 million postal ballot wasteful, non-authoritive, unnecessary and hurtful to gay and lesbian people and their families, it was important the No vote did not prevail.

"If you're anxious about religious freedom and freedom of speech, vote "No", and if you don't like political correctness, vote "No" because voting "No" will help to stop political correctness in its tracks", Abbott told reporters outside Parliament Wednesday morning.

"Why are we spending money we could use on making this country better on something that shouldn't necessarily need to be a vote?"

Instead it would be spent on a useless opinion survey given that conservative Liberal senators, such as Eric Abetz, have indicated they will not change their vote regardless of the outcome, she said.