1 swimmer found, another missing in Lake Superior at Duluth


A father and daughter were pulled from Lake Superior Thursday after going missing off of Park Point Beach in Duluth.

Emergency crews could be seen providing medical treatment to an individual who was brought to shore near the Park Point Beach House at about 5:20 p.m.; information on the individual's condition was not immediately available. Her father was found after 6 p.m.

A search of the adjacent waters began with rescue boats from several agencies including the St. Louis County Sheriff's Department and the U.S. Coast Guard. One of them was taken to Essentia Health hospital to be treated for inhaling water.

One firefighter was injured during the second rescue.

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Waves were a choppy 7 feet at the time of the rescue.

According to the Saint Louis County Sheriff's Office, it wasn't long after that, that the swimmers could not be located.

First responders ran down the beach as a firefighter pulled the girl to shore and firefighters gathered around her to start CPR. They found the man about 40 minutes later. "As we saw during the rescue effort it was just really hard to deal with".

A red flag hung on the beach house's flagpole for the red flag warning that the fire department had issued earlier Thursday. Rip currents are life-threatening to anyone entering the water.