US sent two bombers to Korea this week


"North Korea best not make anymore threats to the United States, they will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen", the President said before a briefing on the opioid epidemic at his golf club in New Jersey.

The strip of land in the western Pacific Ocean is roughly the size of Chicago, and just 4 miles (6 km) wide at its narrowest point.

According to an AP report, the North's Foreign Ministry in August of 2016 warned that all USA military bases in the Pacific including Guam would "face ruin in the face of all-out and substantial attack" by the North's military. President William McKinley ordered Guam to be ruled by the U.S. Navy. Guam lies about 1,600 miles south of Japan. In 2013, state media cited Kim Jong-Un as having ordered his military to prepare plans on launching strikes on USA military bases in Guam, Hawaii and South Korea as well as the American mainland.

The majority of islanders are ethnically Chamorro - the indigenous group that has lived on the island for thousands of years - and their culture is a touchstone for the islander's way of life.

Guam's total population is 160,000. It has seen various popular movements pushing for greater self-government or even US statehood, most notably a significant but failed effort in the 1980s to make it a commonwealth on par with Puerto Rico. The unit replaces the 9th squadron from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas. They are both managed under Joint Base Marianas. The air base was built in 1944, when the US was preparing to send bombers to Japan during World War II.

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Three-hundred-fifty airmen from the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota are among military personnel on Guam, the tiny Pacific island that's been the focus of recent global attention with escalating tensions between the USA and North Korea. It has two 2-mile (3-kilometer) -long runways and large fuel and munitions storage facilities.

Because Guam is a US territory, the USA military may launch forces from there without worrying about upsetting a host nation that may object to US actions.

The U.S. military began rotating bombers - the B-2 stealth bomber as well as the B-1 and B-52 - to Andersen in 2004.

"But Guam is a little bit different, and on the U.S. side, Guam or other United States bases in the Pacific-Asia region may be lost but the USA itself is safe".

Guam is also protected by the THAAD missile defense system. A THAAD battery includes a truck-mounted launcher, tracking radar, interceptor missiles and an integrated fire control system.