Total Eclipse Could Disrupt Some Cell Service in SC


First Alert Meteorologist Carly Smith has a pin hole projection project you can make to view the eclipse on her Facebook page.

We often talk about teachable moments.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between earth and the sun, and casts a shadow that blocks the sun's earth for a time. An annular solar eclipse means as the moon passes in front of the sun, a ring of sunlight is visible around the moon; this occurs because at the time of eclipse, the apparent size of the moon is smaller.

A total eclipse of the sun is one of the most awe-inspiring natural phenomena in the world, so be sure to make your plans to see it well in advance!

If getting a pair of glasses or solar filters isn't possible, there are a couple of indirect ways to view the partial solar eclipse that will be visible in North Florida and South Georgia.

The total eclipse will be visible in parts of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and SC before ending in the Atlantic Ocean.

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Area Kroger stores will be selling solar eclipse viewing glasses.

With just two weeks until the total solar eclipse, doctors are warning about a flood of counterfeit eclipse glasses hitting the market.

"The moon is much, much smaller than the Sun, but the Sun is also much, much further away from the Earth, so we have this handsome coincidence in the sky that the moon and the Sun appear nearly exactly the same size as viewed from Earth", Rohl said. The eclipse will certainly be noticeable, but no place in IN will experience totality this eclipse. Users can see, for instance, whether mountains or trees might obscure their view of the eclipse.

The event is expected to bring millions of sky-watchers to the path of totality. "So it's just a really lovely coincidence up there in the sky". It's elongated, or an ellipse. From vantage points outside of the path of totality, viewers will see the moon obstructing a portion of the sun, and for those close to the path of totality, much of the sun will still be blotched out. This will have the entire surface of the sun blocked.

NASA reminds all that you never want to look directly at the sun without appropriate protection except during totality.