Gopher Kicker Gets Big Surprise With Scholarship For Senior Year


He introduces Kyle Tanner, who's recovering from a bone marrow transplant, and asks him about his favorite player. The t-shirt said, "Justin, congrats on earning a scholarship!"

Justin Juenemann, a kicker on the University of Minnesota football team from Phillipsburg, was recently surprised with a full scholarship to the school.

"Justin, congrats on earning a scholarship!" But he didn't take time to look at the shirt at first.

Congratulations to Juenemann on his scholarship, and to any head coach who's planning on awarding a scholarship to a walk-on: the bar has been set.

Juenemann is a fifth year senior and has never appeared in a game for the Gophers.

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"He could easily just not do it and nobody would ever say anything".

"I've never seen anybody serve and give more than that guy, who's not a star player, who hasn't played where his face is recognizable", Fleck said in a speech to the team.

Fleck said he planned the surprise because the team has a close relationship with the children's hospital and he wanted to create a special memory.

Here's hoping this isn't the last video we see this summer of players getting surprised with scholarships in wonderful ways.

"Thank you Coach Fleck, Kyle, and everyone who was involved in setting this up".