Anti-Semitic Tweets Painted Outside Twitter's headquarters by Jewish Comedian


In the video, Shapira says he reported some 450 violent hate comments to Twitter and Facebook. I have reported about 150 comments to Facebook of which 80 per cent were removed.

"Germany needs a final solution to Islam", read one of the tweets.

The German satirist said, he only wanted to capture the company's attention "offline" by stencilling the "hate speech" tweets outside Twitter HQ in Europe.

For the protest, Shapira put together massive stencils of some of the tweets he reported and used chalk-based spray paint to plaster the front of Twitter's Hamburg office with the sentiments. For that I have received only nine answers over the last six months.

Instead of sitting in a quiet rage though, he made a decision to go out and make Twitter's own employees face the tweets themselves, right outside their offices in Hamburg. A statement sent to The New York Times indicated the company will "continue to review and iterate on our policies and their enforcement".

In June 2017, the German government passed a law stating that social media companies who fail to delete racist posts within 24 hours will face a fine up to $58 million.

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"Others, however, have either been blocked in Germany or been removed entirely", the publication said.

Germany has one of the world's toughest laws as far as hate speech is concerned.

"I was hoping I could have real numbers at the end of this, but I have none because Twitter is so not transparent about it", he said.

Twitter has been criticised in the past for the way in which it deals with abusive and hate tweets.

The row comes at a sensitive time for social media companies in Germany. Back in January, the artist simultaneously lampooned and derided the trend for taking selfies with Holocaust memorials on his website Yolocaust, stripping away background images and replacing them with scenes from concentration camps. Others remained visible awhile longer.

Shapria said that if "Twitter forces me to see these things" ― things being the homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic and sexist tweets ― "then they'll have to see them too". "Eventually you are not going to just post it on Twitter; you might actually go and do those things".