A Trafficker Drowned 50 Migrants Near the Coast of Yemen on objective


Some of the survivors (approximately 42 in addition to the 27 survivors IOM spoke to) had already left the beach before being assisted.

UNHCR data shows that the number of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers arriving in Yemen has steadily climbed over the last 10 years - doubling from 2006, when 25,898 arrivals were recorded, to 2008, when 50,091 people reportedly arrived, and then again in 2015, when almost 100,000 people landed on Yemen's shores.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres "is heartbroken by this continuing tragedy", Dujarric said. The IOM says 22 migrants are still missing.

"We must also increase legal pathways for regular migration and offer credible alternative to these unsafe crossings for people in need of worldwide protection", Dujarric said.

The migrants see Yemen, in the midst of a bloody civil war, as a route to other Gulf countries, where they could seek opportunities for better life.

Migrants are braving the journey despite the war in Yemen as the violent conflict means there is no central authority to stop them travelling onward.

Just by making land they feel "they are halfway to wealthy", he said.

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IOM teams, working with the International Committee of the Red Cross, found the bodies of 29 migrants in shallow graves along the Shabwa coast. The passengers' average age was about 16, the IOM said.

"It will continue to be a trend, the smugglers bring migrants; the Yemen war doesn't stop them", De Boeck said.

Strong waves in the Indian Ocean at this time of year make the crossing especially unsafe.

The IOM estimates about 55,000 migrants have left the Horn of Africa to travel to Yemen since the beginning of the year. Numerous boat's passengers were teenagers.

About a third of those forced into the sea when the smugglers thought they saw authority figures on the beach were women.

"They have some family, or others, who've succeeded and reported back home that it's easy to find a job".

"There is something fundamentally wrong with this world if countless numbers of children can be deliberately and ruthlessly drowned in the ocean, when they are no longer an easy source of income, and nothing is done to stop it from ever happening again", said William Lacy Swing.