700000 contaminated eggs distributed to United Kingdom, food agency says


Testing of British eggs has found no evidence of fipronil.

The products that are being withdrawn by retailers include egg salads, sandwiches, mayonnaise and egg snack pots.

"This is just the latest of a number of food safety issues connected to eggs produced outside of the United Kingdom in recent years". She said it was unknown how long the restrictions would remain in place because the authorities were still trying to analyse results and understand how long the effect of the treatment would continue to contaminate eggs.

Dutch and Belgian investigators launched joint raids on Thursday over Europe's insecticide-tainted egg scare as Britain said it had imported far more contaminated eggs than originally revealed.

Fipronil is not permitted for use around food-producing animals like hens.

The FSA said in its statement that unlike in the Netherlands, the eggs imported to Britain were not sold as fresh eggs but were mixed in large batches for use in processed foods. But they say the number is a tiny fraction of the eggs consumed each year in the country.

The products affected in the United Kingdom are said to be processed foods that included eggs among other ingredients, mostly used in sandwich fillings or other similar chilled foods.

There is no evidence any British eggs have been contaminated but testing on United Kingdom farms are underway.

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Supermarkets in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have withdrawn millions of eggs from sale.

Fipronil is banned in products used around food-producing animals.

Dutch and Belgian prosecutors earlier this month opened a fraud investigation into how fipronil, which can harm human health, got into the food chain.

"They are suspected of putting public health in danger by supplying and using fipronil in pens containing egg-laying chickens", prosecutors' spokeswoman Marieke van der Molen said.

A lawyer for a Belgian company, Poultry-Vision, says the firm sold it to Chickfriend but has not said where it got the substance.

Image shows suspicious eggs being destroyed in the Netherlands, on August 3, 2017. She said that all the farms investigated for contamination had used the same company to treat their birds.

As soon as the Belgium has given the warning to his european partners on July 20, dozens of houses have been blocked, and millions of eggs have been removed from supermarkets in eight european countries as a preventive measure, or because their rates exceeded the thresholds set by the regulation. However, no cases have been reported of people falling sick.

The contaminated eggs have mainly come from the Netherlands, followed by Belgium and Germany.