North Korea threatens missile strike near Guam, warns of all-out war


Turnbull says a conflict with North Korea would be shattering and have "catastrophic consequences". The United Nations also voted for steep sanctions against North Korea in light of recent aggressions.

Japan and South Korea, the two countries most at risk from a US attack on North Korea, largely brushed off Trump's threats. The common currency had lost about 0.4 percent overnight after news US job openings surged to a record in June reinforced Friday's robust payrolls data and supported the greenback.

With six in 10 people polled calling North Korea a very serious threat, the country is now viewed as a more serious threat than Iran (33%) or China (20%), and is about on par with the perceived threat posed by ISIS (64%).

Charfauros in his statement Wednesday morning urged calm and said defenses are in place on Guam and its neighboring Pacific islands for threats such as North Korea. "What has taken so long to reach this conclusion by the IC?" he said in an email to Yonhap. "My heart is pumping right now".

Andersen Air Force Base is just one of the installations on Guam; Naval Base Guam also has a significant number of personnel.

After Kim's second ICBM test, experts said it appeared the "re-entry vehicle" that would carry a warhead back into Earth's atmosphere from space had failed.

Even Senator Lindsay Graham, who warned that military action was inevitable if North Korea continued to provoke the USA on CNN last week, said he was concerned by Trump's remarks.

The Post said a separate intelligence assessment concluded the North has built up to 60 nuclear warheads, a number far larger than independent experts' estimates.

Warning of "fire and fury", President Donald Trump answered North Korea's threats with rhetoric the nuclear-armed nation might appreciate.

McCain, who heads the Armed Services Committee, made the comments Tuesday in an interview on KTAR News in Phoenix.

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"Trump said the US would take tough measures if North Korea fired off missiles, but it did not", said Zhang Liangui, a professor at the ruling Communist Party's main training academy. John McCain, R-Ariz., said of the president's remarks, "That kind of rhetoric, I'm not sure that helps".

There's no way to know the answer to this question, but on Tuesday, President Trump said if North Korea escalated the nuclear threat, they would be met with "fire and fury like the world has never seen".

Trump issued the warning during a briefing on opioid addiction at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey.

As NPR's Merrit Kennedy reported Monday, North Korea reacted angrily to the sanctions, saying it would "balance the U.S.'s felonious crime" with "something thousands of times worse".

That is a key benchmark in the country's attempt to become a fully-fledged nuclear power.

The poll was completed after news reports of North Korean missile tests involving intercontinental ballistic missiles which have the potential to reach the USA under the right conditions.

The nuclear advances were detailed in an official Japanese assessment Tuesday and a later Washington Post story that cited US intelligence officials and a confidential Defense Intelligence Agency report.

That would mean North Korea has passed a crucial threshold on the path to becoming a full-fledged nuclear power.

The assessment was made by the Defense Intelligence Agency last month, the paper said, marking another alarming development in the communist country's pursuit of nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles that can reach the U.S. mainland.

Officials at the agency would not comment Tuesday.