This Woman's Braces Wire Nightmare Is Now Yours


A 30-year-old woman in Perth, Australia, who thought she had her braces removed 10 years ago discovered that wasn't the case: One wire was still in her intestine.

Doctors say it's likely the woman swallowed it without knowing, where it stayed until they removed it by surgery.

Brace yourself for this story: Ten years after her orthodontic braces were removed, a piece of dental wire was found stuck inside an Australian woman's small intestine.

But the woman returned two-days later in extreme pain.

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The case was published by Shepherd in the BMJ Case Reports medical journal with advice to consider a swallowed object in cases of sudden onset stomach pain and to do CT scans more often to rule out ingested objects. Doctors chose to perform a CT scan and see what could have caused her affliction, and made a weird discovery.

According to the report, since the small intestine - between the stomach and the large intestine - had been punctured in several places, it had twisted around on itself. If you're complaining about pain in your abdomen, it might because you accidentally swallowed a "foreign object". The craziest part? She hadn't worn braces for 10 years. "But when we went to ask the patient if she remembered swallowing anything, she had no recollection".

Gastroenterologist Dr. Pat Raymond said that it was odd that the patient didn't remember swallowing the wire. But further investigation by Dr. Talia Shepherd revealed that the braces wire had pierced the intestines, causing them to twist around themselves.

"The chances of swallowing a wire from your braces is very low", she said. "There might be a higher chance if you're sedated and undergo a dental procedure", Shepherd said.