3DS Finishes Collection, Switch To Build — Dragon Quest Announcements


As with any localization process, Square Enix still has a lot to translate. Swapping between anime scenes and gameplay, the short exemplifies that not everything in Dragon Quest 10 has to be about fighting monsters and taking quests. It's good that Dragon Quest games stay familiar: every time a new Dragon Quest comes out, it's like some friends you haven't seen in ten years have come over to play poker, and they look younger than they did last time; they're wearing new clothes, and they have new careers, and they tell new stories. Players will also get to play with even more blocks, and venture under the sea (with a new diving ability) and go soaring through the air (in a hang glider).

In the Dragon Quest Summer Festival, 2017 held in Tokyo, Japan; Square Enix revealed that they would be bringing the Dragon Quest Builders 2 to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

I spent way too much money on Dragon Quest XI merchandise.

'Driverless van' actually piloted by man dressed as vehicle seat
However, thanks to the sleuthing of NBC4's Adam Tuss, an answer to the mystery of the "driverless" grey van was found . From the road, the unmarked gray van eerily looks like it's moving without a driver.

Instagram Will Let Friends Join in on Your Live Broadcasts
Users just have to tap the new icon on the bottom right when they're broadcasting and add anyone that's now watching their stream. The company has continued to improve live video since then, like adding the ability to save the broadcast after it's over .

USDA tells staff to stop using the term 'climate change'
In June, Trump pulled the US out of the Paris climate agreement has continuously promised to bring back coal. Moebius-Clune shared that the new language was given to her staff and suggests it be passed on.

Dragon Quest XI, as the Roman numeral in its title suggests, is the 11th main series entry in the Dragon Quest series, which Square Enix both developed and published. According to Miyake-san the Switch version is talking time "due to technical adjustments", and while the release date can not be revealed yet, active development is ongoing towards launch.

The Dragon Quest series stands as one of the most recognized and successful RPG franchises in gaming. The 3DS version, however, features slightly different playstyles, chiefly because of its 3D graphics and 16-bit sprites. Dragon Quest III will follow sometime after, and will run DQ fans ¥1,500 (about $14).