UAE minister responds to hacking claims


Qatar said in late May that hackers had posted fake remarks by the emir, an explanation rejected by Gulf states.

The UAE has strongly denied being behind the hacking of Qatar government websites which sparked the ongoing crisis in the Gulf regions.

The officials told the Post they do not know whether the UAE had a direct hand in the hacks or whether they hired outside help.

Anwar Gargash denied as false a story in the Washington Post that cited us officials saying the UAE had orchestrated the hack of Qatar's state news agency.

The United Arab Emirates warned Qatar on Monday it could not belong to the Gulf Cooperation Council if it undermined regional security, calling for a "change of behaviour" but not "regime change".

He went on to accuse Qatar of "funding, supporting, and enabling extremists from the Taliban to Hamas and Gaddafi". "Inciting violence, encouraging radicalization, and undermining the stability of its neighbors", he added. Previously, US media, citing the Federal Bureau of Investigation, blamed the attack on "Russian hackers".

The UAE has denied the hacking claims in a statement released in Washington by its ambassador Yousef al-Otaiba.

"These are certainly developments that will be analysed and will have a major role to play in negotiations coming up", she said.

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Throughout the crisis President Donald Trump and his White House have been at odds with the State Department led by Rex Tillerson who has emphasized the need for compromise and said the row could destabilize anti-Daesh efforts.

"We've sent a message to Qatar".

"We need a regional solution and worldwide monitoring", said Mr Gargash in prepared remarks he was set to deliver in London on Monday.

"But with this new information - that certainly throws a wrench in these negotiations - it remains to be seen exactly where things will go". It is still unclear whether Qatar's other neighbours were also involved in the attacks.

Gargash said the four Arab powers were in the process of discussing additional sanctions on Doha.

According to the same source, the hacks and posting took place on May 24.

"It's denial after denial after denial".

The first on the list of 13 sweeping demands that the Gulf states and Egypt placed before Qatar in the form of ultimatum is a complete severing of ties of Iran.