Toddler in Florida dies after being left in hot vehicle


One-year-old Khayden Saint Saveur was found about 3:20 p.m. inside the BMW that was parked outside a Delray Beach home, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Carly Saint Saveur told the Sun-Sentinel that the BMW belongs to his brother, Action Saint Saveur, who is the boy's father. He was declared dead in hospital a short while later.

Investigators identified the child as Kayden Saveur. However, at this point in time, police believe the boy's death was an accident.

Detectives say the child had been outside playing with other kids and may have been in the hot vehicle for hours before his family realized he was missing, police said in a tweet.

It's unclear how the toddler entered the vehicle.

Temperatures in the Delray Beach area reportedly touched 90C in the shade on Saturday.

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A auto sitting outside in the Florida heat in July can reach up to 150 degrees, according to police.

Experts say children's body temperature rises up to five times faster than adults.

In an interview, Carly Saint Saveur, the boy's uncle, said: "It's tragic". "The parents may not even know [a child is] missing".

At the little boy's house Saturday evening, the cars of family members and friends lined the street and several groups of people stood outside speaking in hushed tones.

"Was a very happy child", a neighbor said.

This would have made the temperature inside the auto much higher, with the police estimating it at 65 degrees.