Out-of-control boat crashes into dock, officer's boat


Ten people were injured after they were thrown from an out-of-control boat on an IN lake July 15.

The Indiana officer who finally brought an out-of-control boat to a stop said the incident shows just how unsafe drunken boating can be.

Ten people, including the driver, were injured after they were ejected from an out-of-control boat Saturday in a lake in Indiana.

Ten people were thrown from a 21-foot Correct Craft Ski Nautique when it "cut into a violent turn" while traveling at a "high rate of speed", the release said.

Domonique Effinger was arrested for boating while intoxicated causing injury and being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Carlile threw a rope from his patrol boat to entangle the propeller of the runaway boat.

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Video of his daring actions showed the boat going in circles at a high rate of speed, crashing first into a dock, then into the officer's boat.

After the incident was called into authorities, Conservation Officer Jake Carlile sent a patrol boat out toward the out-of-control boat while residents on the shore were alerted to clear the area in case the boat took a turn toward the beach.

According to Indiana Conservation Officers, four of the people suffered serious injuries, with one passenger suffering a fractured skull and another having the lower part of their arm amputated in the accident. The boat strikes a pier before striking a boat. The entangled rope slowed down the runaway boat enough for the officer to jump onto it and bring it under control. She told NewsChannel 15 in IN her husband escorted a paramedic in order to help the injured people thrown off into the water via a jet ski.

Two people were flow by medical helicopter from the lake shore after being rescued by onlookers, according to the DNR.

The incident continues to be under investigation by Indiana Conservation Officers, the news release said.