Majority reject Maduro's plan to amend Venezuelan constitution


The opposition's electoral event asked Venezuelans three "Yes" or "No" questions: Do you reject reject Maduro's Constituent Assembly, a process seeking to establish a new Constitution scheduled to be held July 30; do you demand Venezuela's security forces support the opposition-controlled National Assembly legislature and the country's 1999 Constitution; and do you support that Venezuela's public institutions should be restored in accordance with the Constitution and whether the South American country should hold presidential elections before Maduro's term ends in early 2019.

President of the National Assembly Deputy Julio Borges (C) accompanied by deputies and leaders of the Unity Table (MUD) speaks during a conference in Caracas, Venezuela, 16 July 2017. "We don't want to be a country without freedom", he added, promising further announcements on opposition strategy on Monday.

Several Latin American countries and the Catholic Church have criticized Maduro's move to redraft the constitution.

Although turnout was lower -at 7 million- than the 11 million that opposition leaders had hoped for, 70 percent of participants voted against the new constitution, according to Datanalisis. Delegates and volunteers, many dressed in white, manned tents and tables.The authorities have refused to greenlight a vote that has been presented as an act of civil disobedience and supporters of Maduro are boycotting it.

Maduro has called for the creation of a "constituent assembly", a Soviet-like body that will seek to modify the country's constitution. The referendum was organized by activists opposed to President Nicolas Maduro's plans to rewrite the constitution. See below the thousands of voters who responded to the call around the world.

The vote in the unofficial, Opposition-organised referendum was just short of the 7.7 million who voted for the Opposition in Congress.

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Over 7 million out of 19.5 million eligible voters have participated in the opposition poll, nearly the number of 7.7 million voters who backed the opposition in the last presidential elections.

The victim, a 61-year-old nurse, was shot dead in Caracas by gunmen on motorbikes while she queued to participate in the symbolic vote, and a journalist was kidnapped, robbed, and beaten before he managed to escape.

For the past several months, Venezuelans have taken to the streets in opposition of President Maduro.

Late Sunday Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada said on Twitter that he was declaring former Mexican President Vicente Fox persona non grata and banning him from the country for conspiring to promote violence and foreign intervention.

The woman's death brought to 96 the number of people who have died in almost four months of protests and political agitation in Venezuela's streets.

Recently, the Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, who has worked closely with the U.S. state department and Venezuela, asked Cuba's Raul Castro, a close ally of Maduro, to intervene in the conflict.