Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo's ashes scattered in sea


Liu Yunpeng, Liu Xiaobo's attending doctor, said at a Thursday press conference that the hospital did all it could to treat the patient, including 25 joint consultations from the hospital, five joint consultations involving China's leading experts, and one that involved global experts. It also removes the need for a land-based grave at which his supporters would have been able to pay their respects. "But now we must free Liu Xia, because she has already suffered so much", said a protestor Lee Cheuk-yan, a former lawmaker of 20 years.

The government also said the couple's friends attended the ceremony, a claim that was disputed by people who have always been close to Liu.

"It was a deliberate move by the Chinese government to hastily arrange the funeral so no one could visit his body, which would evoke the most memories", said activist Hu Jia.

"This regime has always been acting without humanity - that's why they denied him even a minute of freedom even until his death", Mo said.

China's government faced a global backlash for denying Liu Xiaobo's wish to be treated overseas, and the United States and European Union have called on the government to free Liu Xia.

"This gang of hooligans have already flung Liu Xiaobo's ashes into the sea!"

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In Shenyang, a spokesman for the city's information office said at the briefing that authorities were looking out for Liu Xia's interests and insisted that she is free. The police have kept his wife Liu Xia under house arrest and prevented her from speaking about his death and his belated cancer treatment. Mr Yu, a friend and biographer who now lives in the United States, added: "He was a dissident even among dissidents".

Officials released photos showing Liu Xia with her brother, and two of Liu Xiaobo's brothers in front of the body, which was covered with white petals and surrounded by flowers at a funeral home. "After Liu Xiaobo's death, let Liu Xia tend to his affairs and try to keep her away from external interference". Conferring the (Nobel Peace) prize to such a person goes against the purposes of this award. The first, Carl von Ossietzky, died from tuberculosis in Germany in 1938 while serving a sentence for opposing Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime.

Liu Xiaobo was a veteran of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and was detained in 2008 after co-writing Charter 08, a petition calling for democratic reforms.

"Liu's memorial tablet can not find a place in China's cultural temple", the Global Times said in the editorial Saturday.

China has bristled previously at Tsai's comments on China's political system.