Important Things To Remember About Game Of Thrones Before Watching Season 7


Game of thrones characters Sansa and Jon Snow on season 6, episode 9, June 19, 2016. Fans of ABC's "The Bachelor" root for their favorite contestant on the show and on show-themed fantasy drafts, while AMC's "The Walking Dead" has its own post-show chat with "Talking Dead". Martin, 68, recalled his confrontation with Weiss and Benioff about it as "the first major" disagreement they had about where "Game of Thrones" should go.

THE resident "nerd" of Game of Thrones could play a vital role in the dying moments of the new season. Viewers were treated to a terrifying episode appropriately titled "Battle of the Bastards", where Jon and half-sister Sansa Stark retake Winterfell from Lord Ramsay Bolton and restore House Stark as the ruling house of the North - but not before lots of bloodshed and chaos.

If you're more of a reader, you can check out this thorough breakdown from Ed Power at The Telegraph, or read through each season's summary at the Game of Thrones wiki.

The most popular theory is that she will die at the hand of her brother and lover, Jamie.

The reason why HBO is working on multiple Game of Thrones projects is because it increases the odds of finding something that can be as good as the main show. Dany will arrive in Westeros after a long time talking about she would take back the Iron Throne. What's been most interesting is seeing who was named in the descriptions and pondering what that could mean for a certain character's overall arc.

Rory McCann as Sandor Clegane in the "Game of Thrones". Why not! The Night King, who was created using truly nightmarish prosthetic makeup, is also prominently featured.

If Meera Reed isn't getting enough screen time, fans seem to think our big friend The Mountain is getting too much.

GIF via Game of Thrones  HBO
GIF via Game of Thrones HBO

Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell in "The Game of Thrones".

Isaac Hempstead-Wright stars as the paralysed Warg Bran Stark dressed geeky wearing a black suit and thick-rimmed specs to the red carpet event.

Dialing in from the United Kingdom, the 18-year-old Brit shared some knowledge of his own about Bran's Season 7 fate and why Hodor's sacrifice is-he swears it-not in vain.

Ironically, Jon isn't officially a real Stark yet, and the only person who knows for sure that he's related to the Targaryens is Bran.

Now that winter has arrived it heralds the beginning of the Great War - between man and the White Walkers, and as Davos says in a trailer for season 7, if everyone can't band together to fight their common enemy, there will be nothing to rule.

We won't spoil at what point Gendry pops up in the season but in a chat with The Times a few hours before the premiere, Dempsie said he was relieved by the reaction from the diehard fans who sleuthed it out.

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