Sophie Turner terrified about Game of Thrones ending


"It was only the sex, probably, that kind of shocked me a little. I didn't know you could do half the stuff that they say in the script".

Arya Stark (Maisie Williams), and Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) weigh in on the questions. "She's been my rock, and I think I've been hers". Turner and Williams both have the same tattoo - 07/08/09, the date they signed up for their roles on Game of Thrones - on their arms. "And then they see me in shitty shorts and muddy trainers, and they are like, 'Oh, she definitely doesn't have handmaidens'".

Just when Jon looks defeated at the Battle of the Bastards outside of Winterfell, Sansa and Littlefinger arrive with a huge army from the Vale and crush the surviving Bolton forces. It's a fun time, and I recommend it to anyone who's trying to get hyped about Arya Stark as their first-round Game of Thrones fantasy league pick. They are equals now, almost.

Who do you think is Arya's best scene partner?

Sansa faces the ultimate ignominy when Tywin Lannister, the returning Hand of the King after the War of Five Kings reaches its Lannister-favouring conclusion, decrees that she will marry his son Tyrion Lannister. "He's proven himself to her and she's thinking, 'Well, maybe we are a good team after all'". "I think she can make it through this".

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In a recent interview with W Magazine, Turner shared some insight on what to expect when Game of Thrones finally ends. "This season is about trust and loyalty", she said. Sansa remains largely unaware of her political power but with Robb dead, killed with Catelyn at the Twins, technically Sansa becomes heir to Winterfell and is described as "the key to the North".

Whether she's rocking leggings and a crop top, double denim with a rockstar tee or shoulder-robing like a front row regular, there's no denying that Sophie Turner has got the model-off-duty look down.

So what can we expect to see from Sansa this season? She explained that over the years that Sansa has been surrounded by different people while being engulfed in a world of betrayal and revenge, it is understandable that it will rub off on her.

The two have been dating since last fall but, she said, 'it's a very private relationship'. In terms of Missandei, like her role as advisor to Daenerys just keeps growing.