Sophie Turner Opens Up About The "Terrifying" 'Game of Thrones' Finale


"It's not like I'm brushing it under the carpet; I am fully aware that it is coming to an end, but I don't think I'll be ready until I shoot my final scene, and then I think I will be completely an emotional wreck for the next year or so of my life". And now that Ned and Catelyn Stark's eldest daughter is back in Winterfell with Jon Snow, what's next? "It was nearly like an "I told you so" from Littlefinger, or 'You should listen to me.' At the beginning of this season, it's about her dealing with a certain newfound power, but also kind of figuring out who she really wants to trust and where her loyalties lie - and who's loyal to her, too".

But being Sansa wasn't easy for teenage Sophie, especially when she learned that she had to dye her hair red.

"Game of Thrones has been awesome", Turner says.

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is terrified of the show's upcoming end. Would this reunion be as heartwarming as Jon Snow and Sansa's Season 6 reunion? The actress revealed in an interview with TIME that since she finished filming the current season, she naturally knows a lot more than what the fans do. She's respected, but not enough to be hailed Queen of the North like she kind of hoped at the end of last season. Winterfell is just flawless for her. Jon Snow should be on the Iron Throne out of all the Starks.

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Yet it is Turner who has now surpassed them both, becoming fashion's newest darling - not least Louis Vuitton, who has courted her as its latest muse.

"If they do come back to her", you say? For those of you who don't mind spoilers, Turner recently hinted that Sansa may or may not do something she might regret later on. "This season is about trust and loyalty". Her new face-changing abilities let her get in a room alone with him, though the leaders of the Faceless Men probably would not have approved of her method of killing.

"It's more about her figuring out how to treat that power and how to surround herself with the people that are best for her", she added. "Everyone's coming together again and forming alliances and meeting people who they maybe haven't met before or who you didn't expect for them to meet or meeting again". "When we first catch up with Littlefinger it's nearly like a direct push from when we last saw him in Season Six..."