Dota 2's The International 7 breaks esports prize pool record


With more than 30 days left to go, it seems clear that the prize pool will top $21 million, though how far beyond that it goes remains to be seen. Well today, for the sixth year in a row, Dota 2 has outdone itself.

The previous esports prize pool record was held by last year's Dota 2 worldwide, which hit $20,770,460 thanks to crowdfunding.

Dota 2 fans once again broke the esports prize pool record, contributing over $19 million to the 2017 Dota 2 global prize pool for a record-breaking total of $20,773,957 (and rising).

To put The International's prize pool into perspective, The Masters, the most prestigious event in golf, this year had a prize pool of $11 million.

It began the practice in 2013, and since then the Battle Pass has grown, as has its popularity.

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Every year around the global, the company launches a new Battle Pass - a collection of quests, in-game items, and profile levels that you can only get if you buy one.

This year, Level 1 sets you back US$10, while Level 75 is US$40.

Dota 2 prize pools over the years. A mere 25 percent goes towards the prize pool, while Valve keeps the rest for itself.

Dota 2 is the most popular game on Steam, and one of the most popular games in the world. The International will take place on August 7th till 12th at the KeyArena in Seattle.