Woman drives SUV into pool at Colorado mountain resort


Hitting the accelerator instead of the brakes, a woman in her 70s crashed her black Lincoln SUV into the pool at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort country club in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Monday morning.

Police estimate she was travelling at up to 60mph - but fortunately the pool was closed at the time.

Police said a woman in her seventies drove up a hill, through a fence into a pool at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort. "She couldn't get her seatbelt undone, so I unbuckled her seatbelt", said Youso, explaining how he pulled the woman out just in time.

She was taken to the hospital for evaluation and is expected to be okay.

"But in an instant the vehicle was submerged and under water - so by the grace of God everyone was okay".

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Officers estimate they will be at the resort the majority of the day, working to drain the pool before they remove the auto.

Crews were on the scene, draining the pool in order to lift the auto out. The woman's auto is likely totaled.

"I'm just glad everyone is okay and she is going to have a good recovery and no one else not injured in the process", he added.

Police said that she will likely be cited for careless driving.