Woman Charged in Stunt Gone Wrong — Minnesota YouTube Death


Ruiz instructed Perez to shoot the book, thinking the book would stop the bullet. Ruiz had been working for a railway company and studying to be a foreman, reported the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

She wrote: "Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most risky videos ever HIS idea not MINE". HIS idea not MINE'.

Ruiz had reportedly practiced shooting books and showed Perez that a bullet did not go through one and that they could go ahead with the stunt, NBC News reported.

His death was captured on two cameras that had been set up to record the stunt. This is the worst punishment there is.

Ruiz was declared dead at the scene.

The goal of the experiment was to know if an encyclopedia hardcover could stop a bullet of.50 calibre Desert Eagle, one of the pistols the most powerful on the market. Police were able to locate a gold Desert Eagle.50 caliber pistol on the grass near the house and secured the firearm.

Claudia pleaded with Pedro not to use a real gun, insisting to him that it could cause serious harm.

These days everyone wants to be famous, and at the very least they are willing to settle for a few minutes of fame.

Ms Perez tweeted her plans for the video on June 26.

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Perez was released on a $7,000 bail but will be required to wear an ankle monitor and can not have access to firearms.

Claudia said her nephew told her about the stunt beforehand and she warned him not to do it.

She told Valley News Live: "They were in love".

Perez told police that her boyfriend wanted to make a YouTube video of her shooting a book and had been talking about it for awhile. It shouldn't have happened like this.

Ruiz's aunt said they did it to increase their social media following.

"I don't know why they thought the book was supposed to stop the bullet", Ruiz said. "I wish he would've just done another prank". It was just a prank gone wrong. "It shouldn't have happened at all", Ruiz said.

She is also due to have a baby in the coming months.

She added: "All the insane stuff will [be] on his channel and mine. will be our family life!" She could face 10 years in prison, a $20,000 fine, or both.