Emergency personnel at NYC subway station


The incident - which occurred mid-morning on the A train line between two stations in Harlem in northern Manhattan - left 36 people with minor injuries, the spokesman told AFP.

Dozens of straphangers suffered minor injuries from the chaotic ordeal that forced panicked riders onto the tracks. The emergency brake was activated-it's not clear why-which caused two cars to veer off the tracks and into a wall, the New York Times reports.

Julian Robinson said he was stuck on one stopped train for 45 minutes to an hour before rescuers arrived to escort passengers along the tracks into the station.

They were responsible, according to sources, for ensuring that a replacement rail, now considered a possible cause of the derailment, was secured in the railbed.

That train was evacuated, Lhota said, as were three other trains in the same tunnel.

Frightening to say the least for the hundreds of people on-board.

A preliminary investigation found the southbound A train, a line that runs through Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, struck a tunnel wall and derailed in Harlem after a replacement rail that was stored on the tracks was not properly bolted down, the MTA said in a statement. New Yorkers deserve better.

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Emergency service personnel were called to the scene of the New York City subway derailment on Tuesday, June, 27, 2017.

Cox said smoke started coming in from one end of the auto. Emergency crews shut off track power after derailments to prevent evacuees from being electrocuted. He said the station wasn't smoky, but there was a strong, acrid smell.

Transit workers in hard hats cheered as the yellow tape blocking the entrance was removed. It opened in 2009, replacing an outmoded station that had room for only the first half of a 10-car subway train.

Witnesses on the train posted photos on social media that showed damage to the floor and a door of the train. On Monday, the subway rider whose horrifying account of being stuck on a sweltering, powerless train earlier this month went viral held a news briefing to demand the MTA outline an evacuation procedure for riders who may get stranded in the future.

The number of subway delays has tripled in the past five years, to 70,000 per month.

Cuomo has been outspoken about problems that affect suburban commuters at New York City's busy Pennsylvania Station.