Cyber attack reaches Asia as new targets hit by ransomware demand


Golan Ben-Oni, the global chief information officer at IDT, one of the network based company hit by another attack in April said "The N.S.A. needs to take a leadership role in working closely with security and operating system platform vendors such as Apple and Microsoft to address the plague". "Other organizations have also been affected", a spokesperson told WRAL.

"As a result of these cyber attacks these banks are having difficulties with client services and carrying out banking operations", the central bank said in a statement. So far, in Russian Federation, oil producer Rosneft and metal company Evraz have been affected by the attack.

Ukrainian Railways and the communications company Ukrtelecom were among major enterprises hit, Infrastructure Minister Volodymyr Omelyan said in a Facebook post.

Dutch-based transport company TNT Express, which was taken over a year ago by FedEx, also said Tuesday that it is suffering computer disruptions.

A Cadbury chocolate factory has also become the first Australian business to be hit by the, a trade union official said, underscoring the rapid spread of the latest ransomware extortion campaign. "We are aware of the situation and monitoring it closely". He declined further comment.

A new and highly virulent outbreak of data-scrambling software - apparently sown in Ukraine - caused disruption across the world Tuesday.

Dutch shipping and energy company Maersk similarly reported a cyberattack Tuesday, as did Russia's Rosnoft bank.

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India's largest container port, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) was also interrupted as the virus attacked operations at one of the three terminals of JNPT. Rosneft said that the company narrowly avoided major damage.

The Kaspersky Lab reported that it believed the malware was a new ransomware that has not been seen before but added that it had detected suspected attacks in Poland, Italy, Germany, France, now United States in addition to UK, Russia and Ukraine. "It was a lot of noise, very little money, and everyone noticed it", said Craig Williams, an expert at cybersecurity firm Cisco Talos.

It used a ransomware virus that shut down systems worldwide the day before.

Botezatu said the new program appeared almost identical to GoldenEye, a variant of a known family of hostage-taking programs known as "Petya".

Hackers have been spreading ransomware attacks through emails and apps.

Such self-spreading software, often called "worms", are particularly feared because they can replicate rapidly, like a contagious disease. "It's like somebody sneezing into a train full of people", he said. "You just have to exist there and you're vulnerable".

Another ransomware cyberattack, similar to one launched a month ago, targeted thousands of government and private corporate servers on Tuesday, European authorities said.