After MVP Announcement, Durant Congratulates Westbrook, Harden


Jordan bagged his first of five MVP awards in 1988 before winning the first of six National Basketball Association titles with the Chicago Bulls three years later.

Team officials shared the short footage on their Twitter page following Westbrook's big win, and in the humorous clip, Taylor reminisces about their fake friendship, claiming he owes his basketball skills to childhood lessons from the singer, while she credits Westbrook with coming up with the idea for her Shake It Off anthem.

"Great congrats to that boy, Russell Westbrook on MVP was a created player on 2k all year and went out there, F-in balled out", Kevin Durant further added.

Westbrook's statistical dominance came in the vacuum that followed Durant's free-agent defection from the Thunder to the Golden State Warriors. That wasn't the most outstanding part of the Sager Strong Award presented to Monty Williams.

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Durant is taking the high road in his praise of Westbrook, which is easy to do after winning his first NBA championship and NBA Finals MVP award.

The two had a verbal exchange during a February 11 game between the Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder in Durant's return to Oklahoma City. "Remember? I was the one who taught you how to play basketball", Taylor says in the video. Williams was given a blazer with the colorful patterns Sager used to wear on the sidelines. "I even got a statue in the mail from someone I don't even know. Every single day. And I can't thank you enough". "You've blessed me with a attractive son that I'm so thankful for. What happened in your city was not your fault", Williams said. "Special to me. You make me go". I'm so thankful for the latitude that you gave me to be able to leave work and take care of my family.

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