Ruling in travel ban leaves myriad questions unanswered


The Supreme Court's decision Monday on President Trump's travel ban is creating more questions about how it will immediately impact refugees.

The Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to go forward with a limited version of its ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries. These arguments will be focused on the substantive issues considered by both the Fourth and Ninth Circuits, including whether the travel and refugee bans exceeded the Trump Administration's authority under the Immigration and Nationality Act and whether the Executive Order violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

A "bona fiderelationship" would mean "a close familial relationship" to qualify for the exemption, the court said.

"My number one responsibility as Commander in Chief is to keep the American people safe".

Two days before the June 16 deadline, Trump issued a memo stating that the review periods would begin on the date on which the appeals courts' injunctions were lifted.

He says "the problem for some is terrorism and support for terrorism is measured by the amount of money they spend on buying arms from the U.S".

It also introduces a 120-day ban on all refugees arriving in the U.S., a move meant to allow Washington to implement tighter vetting procedures.

"While the court continued blocking those parts of the Muslim ban that would prevent entry for anyone with a 'credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States, ' it has opened the door to legal chaos and official overreach in embassies and at the border".

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The original measure also included Iraq and an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees. The president announced the travel ban a week after he took office in January and revised it in March after setbacks in court.

Their claim that Mr. Trump was impermissibly trying to ban travel by Muslims was widely applauded in the liberal community.

Overall, in ruling that only those potential immigrants already personally connected to an American citizen or entity are temporarily exempt from the authority of the executive order until the final resolution of the case, the Supreme Court has substantially upheld a significant part of the executive power by which the order was issued.

Even before the decision of #The Supreme Court, the ban only applied to new visa applicants, not to people who already have a visa or those who are permanently resident in the United States. "The decision gives some symbolic paper victory to the Trump administration without making any changes on the ground, because it leaves the ban in areas where it has no practical application. and the bet is the case will be moot and the whole thing will be dismissed" when the justices return in October.

"I think they should do it no matter what all the time now until people are properly vetted", Harrison said.

The countries targeted were on a list drawn up by Barack Obama's government of places whose authorities had poor data on their own citizens, making it hard to vet visa applicants.

Trump's original order barred entry from all citizens of those countries and also established a 120-day moratorium in the United State's refugee resettlement program.