Mobile testing LAA, rolls out LTE-U to boost data speeds


The field testing began in Los Angeles and showed blazing 741 Mbps download speeds using 80MHz of aggregated spectrum. If youre anxious about your 5GHz Wi-Fi, LAA is created to play nice with existing wireless tech on the same band by following the “listen-before-talk” protocol.

LTE-U uses 5GHz spectrum to bolster existing LTE capacity. LTE-U, and by extension LAA, allows T-Mobile's many network features to work in concert with the carrier's own licensed spectrum and unlicensed spectrum that's floating about for general use. If you do live in one of these regions and you're a T-Mobile subscriber, there's still a catch: your phone has to support LTE-U and yours probably doesn't. Further, T-Mobile says that it is the first national wireless provider to make LTE-Unlicensed (LTE-U) technology available to its customers.

In a parallel United States trial, AT&T Mobility has confirmed that it has teamed up with Ericsson to conduct its own live LTE-LAA field tests, reaching initial wireless speeds of more than 650Mbps in downtown San Francisco.

LAA combines unlicensed and licensed spectrum to get more bandwidth and faster speeds to customers. For the time being, LTE-U is limited to a small selection of markets, such as the Simi Valley area of California, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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T-Mobile said the field tests will help it test new products in a controlled environment outside the lab.

T-Mobile likes to talk up its network enhancements, and today the magenta carrier made two more announcements. T-Mobile will be densifying its network later this year. "While competitors scramble to deal with the way unlimited data plans are slowing down their networks, we're already moving on to what's next", said Neville Ray, CTO at T-Mobile.

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