Confusion trumps celebration as United States puzzles implementing travel ban


The Supreme Court's decision lifted the stay to the extent that refugees who do not have a bona fide relationship to a person or an entity in the United State will be subject to the ban.

He says that the ban "doesn't increase anybody's security, unfortunately, and it's regrettable that. the citizens of the countries on the list have never taken part in any act of terrorism against the United States".

The court ruled yesterday that Trump's temporary moratorium could go forward in some cases while justices prepare to hear full arguments in October.

Likewise, the justices said, refugees can travel to the USA if they demonstrate those connections - contrary to the part of Trump's executive order suspending the nation's refugee program.

"While we are still reviewing the Court's decision, the Court has rightly recognized that students, faculty, and lecturers from the designated countries have a bona fide relationship with an American entity and should not be barred from entering the United States", Mary Sue Coleman, the president of the Association of American Universities, said in a statement Monday afternoon.

An official with a higher-education association who asked to remain anonymous to speak freely about the ruling said that at first read, it appears "the court basically agrees with us".

The Associate Dean, Michael C.H. McDaniel, of Western Michigan University's Cooley Law School explained that the travel ban will only affect individuals who do not have any ties to the United States.

The Supreme Court said it would hear arguments in the case in October.

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The prominent worldwide human rights group urged the US Congress on Monday to nullify the top court's ruling that allows Trump's executive order to take effect until it hears arguments on the travel ban in October.

In a statement after the court's announcement, Trump said the high court's decision was a "clear victory" for national security.

After Trump's original January 27 executive order, several states, including Hawaii, sued in federal court and got it blocked, prompting the administration to craft a new order in March that included changes - such as dropping Iraq from the list of nations - aimed at allowing the measure to pass muster in the courts.

Christopher G. Kerr, executive director of Ignatian Solidarity Network, a national social justice education and advocacy organization based in OH, said the high court's decision "does not reflect our country's spirit of compassion and welcome". It also ignores the almost-unanimous rejection of the Muslim ban by lower courts due to its religious intolerance and racial animus.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to disclose the information.

"This ruling will devastate some of the most vulnerable people in the world, innocent people who are fleeing the exact kind of violence that this executive order seeks to protect against", said Bill O'Keefe, CRS' vice president for government relations and advocacy.

Trump's first executive order on travel applied to travelers from Iraq and well as the six countries, and took effect immediately, causing chaos and panic at airports as the Homeland Security Department scrambled to figure out whom the order covered and how it was to be implemented. The new order also suspends the United States' refugee program for 120 days, and lowers the cap on refugees from 110,000 to 50,000 per year.

A federal judge blocked it eight days later, and that was upheld by a 9th circuit panel.