Trump visit to Britain left out of Queen's speech


Trump reportedly later told the PM he would not go ahead with the visit if it was likely to cause widespread demonstrations.

Therefore, Sadiq Khan called on the British government to cancel a planned state visit by US President Donald Trump. Minority governments are a rare occurrence in British parliamentary politics where the electoral system usually produces a governing majority. Others include a Civil Liability Bill, created to mitigate the "compensation culture" around motoring insurance claims, a bill focusing on domestic violence and abuse, and a bill preventing landlords from charging letting fees.

This year's speech was dominated by Brexit and will cover a two-year period instead of one to give MPs time to deliberate on laws needed to leave the European Union (EU) - irrespective of the final deal agreed with Brussels. The Queens Speech was originally set for June 19.

The Labour leader said the legislative programme would be "thin" even if it was for 12 months, let alone the two years planned. May is promising a government "that consults and listens".

In remarks following the speech, May acknowledged government failings in helping victims of a massive fire in a west London tower block on June 14.

Nintendo 'Super NES Classic' console to hit shelves in September
This is similar to the NES Classic , which Nintendo says that it had only planned to ship for the Christmas 2016 shopping season. Today, Nintendo announced the SNES Classic Edition , a follow up to the drastically under-produced NES Mini.

Team New Zealand routs Oracle Team USA to win America's Cup
About an hour later, with the America's Cup set on a podium, Burling and Ashby grabbed it together and lifted it over their heads. At 26, Burling becomes the youngest helmsman to win sailing's greatest prize in a competition that dates to 1851.

Not 'that far off' from passing health overhaul
And it would put annual caps on overall Medicaid money the government until now has automatically paid states, whatever the costs. Senate Republican leaders are scrambling for enough votes to approve their health care legislation as soon as this week.

'Having dropped everything from the dementia tax to fox hunting, I assume the only reason they have proposed a Space Bill is so they can shoot their manifesto into space and pretend it never existed'.

Conservative sources said talks with the DUP were "ongoing" after the Northern Irish party warned its support can not be "taken for granted".

Lawmakers will have to approve the speech in a vote, expected next Thursday, that will be a de facto vote of confidence.

Parliament then votes on the agendas laid out in the speech.

Plans to extend grammar schools are reined in, with a promise only to work with parliament to bring forward proposals for school improvement "that can command a majority". A host of proposed new laws created to prepare the United Kingdom for a "smooth and orderly" departure from the European Union have been announced.