Here's Why Rick and Morty Season 3 Is Taking So Long


In a many-part Twitter epic that must have consumed as much energy as a feud with Chevy Chase, Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon today laid out exactly why the Adult Swim animated series is taking so long to return for Season 3.

Helping to put those rumors to bed is the announcement of a "LIVE, spontaneous evening of Rick and Morty" with the show's creators, livestreaming on Adult Swim this Thursday, June 29.

"Rick and Morty" Season 3 is reportedly coming back in July 2017. It could also mean, however, that Harmon and Roiland will release the second episode of the third season.

That feels especially right in light of a recent tweetstorm from Harmon, which he called "A hungover thread where I address Rick and Morty devotees because I feel bad for any fan worrying about any show-threatening issue".

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Rick and Morty dropped its season three premiere on Adult Swim's streaming service on April Fool's Day, and fans have been growing anxious awaiting the rest for the season. However, the creator took to Twitter and assured that relations between the two minds were fine and that wasn't the reason behind the new season's delay. Post internet TV audiences are so used to finding out there's an intriguing/confusing/intense reason 4 delays and Christ knows if you've ever seen MY name on the internet I've only got myself to blame for an association with intrigue/confusion/drama. As Harmon explained in a tweet thread, season three is so delayed simply because they took too long to write it. Despite several stories about his supposed conflict with Roiland, Harmon said there really is no drama going on behind the scenes as production is a boring work process. You usually end up back where you started.

"So as far as I can tell, although I'm too close to it, it's just another good season of [Rick and Morty] that took way too f**king long to write because it just seems like the same stuff that took way less time to write".

Until that as of yet undefined air date, here's a fun Rick and Morty trailer to tie fans over. Both the co-showrunners, Ridley, and Roiland hinted that the character may appear in Episode 2 of the upcoming season titled, "Rickmancing the Stone". "Fighting probably would have been a good idea, it might have sped us up".

It is rare to see the creator of a world famous show keeping in touch with his fans while recovering from a hangover, but Dan Harmon has shown us how it's done. They got into writers' arguments, thinking of what jokes to come up with.