Group of Democrats meet behind closed doors to consider ousting Pelosi


House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says she's confident she has the support in her caucus despite finger-pointing and frustration after Democrats lost a Georgia special election.

Several Democratic lawmakers have said Pelosi's position as a prominent face of the Democratic Party will continue to make winning elections hard. Ryan made it clear after his failed bid to oust Pelosi in the fall that he wasn't planning to challenge her again and was just supporting the effort.

"I think in this instance it had a motivating effect for our voters on the turnout front", Rogers said Wednesday. Party leaders profess encouragement from the trends, but the latest losses mean they will have to rally donors and volunteers after a tough stretch of special elections.

Since 1990, she's raised more than $9.2 million for party candidates, including $739,000 in the 2016 election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks contributions from candidate committees and affiliated PACs.

"These are the kinds of discussions that we have to be willing to have as a party if we're going to be able to move forward and earn back the trust of working families across America", Moulton said.

But Pelosi continues to command great loyalty from many in the House, and she insisted her position was not in jeopardy.

Here's a huge reason Nancy Pelosi maintains her iron grip on House Democrats, even after another bruising - and in many party circles embarrassing - election loss: Her ability to raise lots and lots of money. The overall messaging of the Democratic Party - more anti-Trump than pro-solutions - is also being criticized.

A top aide to Pelosi dismissed the blaming, saying that Pelosi still enjoys broad support among the conference, and that any party leader would be subject to partisan attacks. "Someone has got to step up and run".

The California Democrat has always been a bogeywoman Republicans have used to motivate their base and to woo independents as the personification of liberal values and a reminder of why even if they may like their individual member or candidate, a vote for that Democrat would be a step toward putting Pelosi back in the speaker's chair.

"When asked, over 60 percent of voters preferred a congressman who would work with Paul Ryan, while only 28 percent chose Nancy Pelosi", CLF executive director Corry Bliss wrote in a memo on Wednesday morning.

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Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is telling Democrats that next year could be the year they take back control of the House.

Pelosi herself erupted about the GOP ads last week, after Republicans accused Democrats of overly harsh rhetoric in the wake of the shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice in Virginia.

"I think there was consensus within the room that there are other members within the caucus who feel just like we do", Texas Rep. Filemon Vela told CNN.

Pelosi allies have pushed back at the blame game, and pointed to the improvement Democrats had in other special elections in Kansas, Montana and SC as evidence that their efforts to harness the resistance against Trump was working.

South Carolina's 5th district is much more rural and hardscrabble, and was much more favorable to Trump.

"The Democratic Party needs new leadership now".

"Look, they demonized Nancy in 2010, they demonized her in 2006".

Instead, he said Democrats need to focus on developing a message that wins over voters in Republican-leaning districts. "My leadership is recognized by many around the country". Many of her campaign e-mails told supporters that Pelosi and the "resistance" were pouring millions into the district to sway the results in Ossoff's favor. "We don't agonize. We organize".

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico, who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that invested millions in the race, argued in a memo to lawmakers, "Despite the loss, we have a lot to be proud of" and "we have a unique opportunity to flip control of the House of Representatives in 2018".

This strategy undergirded every decision of the doomed Clinton campaign, from ignoring the white working class in her Rust Belt firewall, to chasing suburban Republican women in Missouri and the South.