Attacked while running, woman drowns rabid raccoon in puddle


A ME woman fought off and killed a rabid raccoon with her bare hands in the middle of what started out as a pleasant trail run near her home, according to the Bangor Daily News.

"It's the craziest thing", she said, laughing.

"I just will never look at them the same way", she added.

Terror-stricken, 21-year-old Rachel Borch screamed as the mad animal clawed and scratched her. She was terrified and scared that she might begin foaming at the mouth. "Rabies will generally not live in a dead animal more than 24 hours".

Blood praised the way Borch handled the situation and said such attacks are very rare. What is one supposed to do when an animal with ferocious rabies actually attacks?

"You just can't predict something like that", Borch said. Once it's killed, the animal should be collected and brought to the local animal control services center, where data on the animal's whereabouts and infection status will be logged in order to track and contain future outbreaks of rabid animals.

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A ME woman learned the hard way that raccoons are not the adorable creatures she always believed them to be.

Rachel was jogging down the trail on a lovely day, admiring the scenery around her, when she noticed a small, furry roadblock up ahead obstructing the narrow path and showing its teeth.

Borch remembers ripping out her headphones and dropping her phone on the ground as she tried to evade the devilish critter, but the path was too narrow for her to run past it.

It's unclear why rabies cases are increasing, but while researchers figure it out, it's important to stay vigilant and prepare yourself against attacks. Borch chose to dance around the animal while thinking of an escape plan.

"She was kicking and dancing around trying to get it away from her, but she wasn't able to", Blood said in a telephone interview. "If you had been there I'm sure you would quickly realize that flight was not an option". With overgrown bushes on either side of the trail, there was no way to get around it.