The Liverpool House Summit: What did Obama and Trudeau talk about?


Earlier in the day, Obama had delivered a speech at an event in Montreal.

Trump remained the elephant in the room as Obama urged against American isolationism, saying the USA and its allies have succeeded over time in "creating an worldwide order that was based not just on self-interest but also on principles".

"Even Obama couldn't get a table at Joe Beef", someone in the crowd said jokingly.

Trudeau tweeted a photo of their casual dinner at Liverpool House in St. Henri after Obama's stirring speech to the Montreal Chamber of Commerce.

Obama never mentioned U.S. President Donald Trump, but his carefully chosen words nevertheless seemed to offer a critique on the direction his successor has taken in a few short months.

The former U.S. President and current Canadian Prime Minister dined at Liverpool House following Obama's speech to the Montreal Board of Trade.

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In another swipe at the current USA administration, Obama suggested that the post-WWII world was shaped by "institutions we created to keep the peace the United Nations and NATO" and that the USA "looks inward" at its peril.

"If you put women in charge of every country for just two years, the world would make a huge leap forward and just be a better place", Obama said, adding: "In my lifetime, I think we'll see a woman president of the United States".

Acknowledging that it is a time of uncertainty, Obama encouraged the public to retain confidence in some of the very institutions, such as the UN, NATO and NAFTA, that Trump has repeatedly called into question.

"In times of disruption, we may go backward instead of forward, he said".

"This won't likely affect me as much as it will affect them", he said.

The former president also appeared to hint towards Trump while he spoke about the current age of instant information and its advantages and disadvantages. The liberal global order, "based not just on military power or national affiliations, but on principle, on rule of law, on human rights, on individual freedoms, on empathy, on understanding across cultures - that's our only choice. We dont have a monopoly on wisdom, but we have to speak on behalf of those things that we know are true and are right because both the facts and history are on our side".